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Vallgrundintie 78 65800 Raippaluoto

Open 24/7

Customer service thursday 16.00-18.00

Starting fee is 30 € (adults).

Cancellation one month in advance.

(The date of cancellation is calculated from the last day in the month when the cancellation is submitted. For example, if the cancellation is submitted on the 20th of January, the membership is still active until the 28th of February.)

A membership at AFG Raippaluoto also grants access to AFG Sepänkylä, Runsor and Sundom.

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Payment methods

By deafult we will send an invoice by e-mail. You can also pay by credit card, Tyky, Edenred, ePassi, Smartum, Eazybreak or Vänskapskort

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